Special Guests

We have a couple of very special visitors coming to the store during our next meeting who’d like to say ‘hello’ and talk to us a little about their books.

ryangattisVisiting from L.A. will be Ryan Gattis whose book, All Involved, Leilah absolutely loved and some of you will have read.

And all the way from Halifax will be the scibblemaniac Chris Mould, who’ll be telling us about his Christmassy collaborations with Matt Haig, and his own tiny Pocket Pirate adventures.

chrismouldThis is very exciting and can’t wait to see you all there.



Author Piu Marie Eatwell Will Be Joining Us This Book Club

Exciting news from Leilah about this week’s book club…

  “I’m excited to tell you that we will have a very special guest joining us at our book club on 20th May. Author Piu Marie Eatwell (author of ‘They Eat Horses, Don’t They? The Truth About the French’) is in the area and has kindly agreed to join us to talk about her writing, and will also be introducing us to her latest book on Welbeck Abbey and the mysterious fifth Duke of Portland, ‘The Dead Duke, His Secret Wife and the Missing Corpse’. 

It’s a gripping new Victorian mystery thriller, and though it is a factual account of the case of the fifth Duke of Portland, it is also a complex murder mystery set against a backdrop of Victorian Nottingham which reads very much like fiction. 

In it, the dead Duke’s coffin is found empty and in discovering the truths behind the mystery, the reader finds themselves thoroughly gripped as remarkable incidents unravel… This is the book that will appeal to fans of ‘The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher’

The format of the book club will not change, so I don’t want anyone to feel that I’m dictating your choice here, and so I am purposely leaving the title out of the selection pile.

It will, however, be classed as a legitimate option for discussion at the next meeting should you prefer it to the any of the optioned four! I can still offer the extra pound off for book club members, so the title would be yours on the evening for £7.99 if you’d like it. 

The title is intended for a focused display in-store, but by stealing Piu away into our book club, you lot will get first dibs on the signed stock that she’s leaving for us, and can also obviously request dedications.

Because we’ve got a special visitor and a fantastic opportunity to pick the brains of a successful writer, I’m going to open up the evening to anyone who might like to join us, and so will advertise this evening as an ‘open night’ book club. Feel free to drag your friends along! 

Costa will again be kindly staying open late for us to grab drinks and cake.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!”


Meet… Matt Haig, 17/3/15

matt-haigMatt Haig is coming to Doncaster Waterstones, Tuesday 17th March at 7pm.

Event: Ticket £2 (£1 for Waterstones Card holders)

Reasons to Stay Alive - Matt HaigBest-selling author of The Humans talks about his personal journey through anxiety and depression, as explored in his new book Reasons to Stay Alive. Matt discusses candidly and honestly the nature of his mental illness, and discusses depression and anxiety in a way that is highly accessible for sufferers.

‘For everyone who has ever felt the snap of the black dog’s teeth, this book is wise, funny, affirming and redemptive.’ – Joanne Harris.

Meet… Gavin Extence, 12/3/15

Gavin ExtenceGavin Extence is coming to Doncaster Waterstones, Thursday 12th March at 7pm.

Event: Ticket £2 (£1 for Waterstones Card holders)

The Mirror World of Melody Black - Gavin ExtenceBest-selling author of the highly acclaimed The Universe Versus Alex Woods joins us on the publication day of his second novel, The Mirror World of Melody Black.

Doncaster customers led the way and were the very first of Gavin’s long list of supporters, so he’s back to say thank you, and to give you the opportunity to be amongst the very first to own signed and dedicated copies of his highly-anticipated second novel.

Meet… Paula Hawkins, 5/3/15

Paula HawkinsPaula Hawkins is coming to Doncaster Waterstones, Thursday 5th March at 2pm.

Don’t miss your chance to meet the debut author of what is tipped to be one of the biggest thrillers of the year!

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

The Girl on the Train has a Gone Girl meets Hitchcock feel, with a punch of adrenaline that’ll leave you reeling. Paula Hawkins has ‘Next Big Thing’ written all over her, and we’re thrilled that we can introduce you to her at the start of what is sure to be a glittering career in reducing our fingernails to bitten stubs!

Can’t make it? Ask Waterstones’ staff about reserving a copy in-store today!

Jessie Burton to visit Waterstones Doncaster

Jessie Burton, author of The Miniaturist, is calling by Waterstones, Doncaster at 1.30pm on Wednesday 30th July.

If you’re free, please pop by and say hello. If you’re not, but would like your copy signing and dedicating, then if you can drop your book off before the event, I’ll get your book dedicated for you and fetch it over to Cast that afternoon for the Book Club meeting if you would like.

If you’ve not got a copy, but would like one, you can buy one over the phone for £9.99 and we can take dedication details at that point. Waterstones Doncaster number is 01302 329142.


Hannah Kent Author Visit

Hannah KentBURIAL RITES, BURIAL RITES, BURIAL RITES. Did I mention Burial Rites..?

Hannah Kent is coming to Waterstones Doncaster the day before our next Book Club meet up, on Monday 26th August (time TBC).

If you’d like to trust my judgement that this is one of the best books of the year, be in touch and we’ll organise you a signed copy.

These will be rare in the UK given that Hannah usually lives on the other side of the planet.

Matt Haig Author Visit

matt-haigExciting News…

Please come along to Waterstones and meet the author Matt Haig on 27th June at 7pm for an evening talk / Q&A / signing of the fabulous ‘The Humans’.

If you’ve been near the store in the last few weeks, it is the book we’re all getting a little giddy for.

As one reviewer put it: ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Humanity’ – it is something rather special!

Check out the reviews on waterstones.com and please also watch the book’s amazing trailer on Youtube.