Shotgun Lovesongs

We had a bumper selection this month as we’re going 5 weeks between meetings this time. Leilah was thrilled to see so many choose Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler, as it was her favourite book of 2014!

This time we have readers for 4 out of 5 of the choices so please check out July’s alternative reads if you didn’t pick Shotgun Lovesongs. I’ve also recapped them at the bottom of the post.

If you’d like to buy any of the books, please let Leilah or Waterstones Doncaster know as they may have to order them in. Tell the Waterstones Doncaster staff member that you’re with the book club, and they should know to take off the extra pound, disclaimer.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 19th August, 5.20pm for 5.45pm.

Costa have agreed to stay on for a short while to serve us drinks and cakes, so please get there well before 5:30. Any of you that would like to gather earlier to chat, feel free, though I’ll ask you to move to our designated space from 5pm so that Costa can clean up around us.

Shotgun Lovesongs, Nickolas Butler

Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas ButlerHenry, Lee, Kip and Ronny grew up together in rural Wisconsin.

Friends since childhood, their lives all began the same way, but have since taken different paths. Henry stayed on the family farm and married his first love, whilst the others left in search of something more. Ronnie became a rodeo star, Kip made his fortune in the city, and musician Lee found fame – but heartbreak, too.

Now all four are back in town for a wedding, each of them hoping to recapture their old closeness but unable to escape how much has changed. Amid the happiness of reunion and celebration, old rivalries resurface and a wife’s secret threatens to tear both a marriage and a friendship apart …

This is a novel about the things that matter – love and loyalty, the power of music and the beauty of nature – told in a uniquely beautiful, warm-hearted and profound way and exploring the age-old question of whether we can ever truly come home.

Published: 07/05/2015

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781509801756