‘Mystery in White’ & ‘Do No Harm’

For the long Christmas Book Club break we have two choices, Mystery in White, a rediscovered British Library Crime Classic originally published in 1937 and Do No Harm, a fascinating Costa Shortlisted memoir of a neurosurgeon.

To Leilah’s absolute delight, (and given that we’ve got a long stretch this time) there’s also a few choosing to read A Song for Issy Bradley, a debut by Carys Bray that hopefully will steal the overall Costa Prize early next year. So there’ll be plenty to discuss at the meeting next year!

For Wednesday’s attendees, all reserved copies have been put aside. Just tell the Waterstones Doncaster staff member that you’re with the book club, and they should know to take off the extra pound, disclaimer.

The next Book Club meeting will be Wednesday 21st January, 5.30pm for 5.45pm, at the Cast Theatre Cafe Bar and look forward to seeing you all there, directions and map.

Christmas meet up

But because it’s Christmas, we’d like to have a little meet up in December, too! We get to meet at the usual time and place, but there’s no pressure to have read a book! We’ve arranged to do this Monday 15th December. Leilah is going to wrap up a selection of literary treats, so hopefully everyone can come along.

Mystery in White, J. Jefferson Farjeon

Mystery in White: A Christmas Crime Story - British Library Crime Classics by J. Jefferson Farjeon‘The horror on the train, great though it may turn out to be, will not compare with the horror that exists here, in this house.’

On Christmas Eve, heavy snowfall brings a train to a halt near the village of Hemmersby. Several passengers take shelter in a deserted country house, where the fire has been lit and the table laid for tea – but no one is at home. Trapped together for Christmas, the passengers are seeking to unravel the secrets of the empty house when a murderer strikes in their midst.

Published: 01/11/2014

Publisher: The British Library Publishing Division

ISBN: 9780712357708

Do No Harm, Henry Marsh

Do No Harm by Henry MarshWhat is it like to be a brain surgeon? How does it feel to hold someone’s life in your hands, to cut through the stuff that creates thought, feeling and reason? How do you live with the consequences when it all goes wrong?

DO NO HARM offers an unforgettable insight into the highs and lows of a life dedicated to operating on the human brain, in all its exquisite complexity. With astonishing candour and compassion, Henry Marsh reveals the exhilarating drama of surgery, the chaos and confusion of a busy modern hospital, and above all the need for hope when faced with life’s most agonising decisions.

Published: 09/10/2014

Publisher: Phoenix

ISBN: 9781780225920