Review: Burial Rites

Immersive, suspenseful… stunning!

Hannah Kent has produced something quite remarkable with her debut novel. We know from the very start the details of the crime committed, and we know the ultimate fate of our narrator, but there is still breath-catching suspense, heart-aching passion, and intrigue throughout.

The prose is poetic, immersive and simply stunning. I’ve not read something so lusciously descriptive in a long while. Kent has brought life to the hard labour and frigid farmsteads of early 19th century Iceland, and made flesh these few long forgotten people in a way that will haunt me for a long while to come.

A cautionary tale of the judgements we make based on the facts presented to us, a quiet curtsey to a historically maligned character, and a love letter to Iceland. The sort of book that makes me excited about what this young author has to offer next!

Simply stunning!

Leilah Skelton