Review: Life After Life

Where repetition is far from tedious…

A repetitious plot with tweaks of circumstance might sound like it’ll confuse, or frustrate, or (heaven forbid!) bore, but it is in fact simply genius. I was spellbound by this book. There were parts that were cleverly comic and others that turned the marrow of my bones to ice. Spanning the end of World War 1 and through to the height of World War 2, we are immersed in stunningly detailed and gloriously descriptive scenes. The Blitz is visited from many angles, but in each there is an experience that leaves a sour taste of brick dust in the reader’s mouth. The characters are wonderful, too… Atkinson is a phenomenal talent, and this stand-alone novel is a great way to discover her. This is a ‘must read’, for sure! A unique plot by a great writer – my favourite combination!

Leilah Skelton